Kraft Paper

  • Extensible Kraft
  • Tuff Kraft
  • Xamax B-Stage Kraft
  • Cindus Crepe Papers
  • Electrical Grade Kraft
  • Coppercote

Tuff Kraft: 35 lb & 50 lb

Tuff Kraft® papers are high quality, cost effective, clean, extra tough Virgin Kraft papers, typically used for linear and spiral wrapping of conductors prior to jacketing. They are the industry standard separator for metal/plastic stampings, plated and molded parts. Additionally, they are the standard paper for BX/armored cable company structure. Tuff Kraft offers superior durability and toughness for industrial packaging.

Cindus Papers: Cindus 42HCF & 22HCF

These CINDUS 42HCF & 22 HCF Papers are thermally upgraded, 100% cellulose based, high- density Cindus Crepe Electrical Kraft Paper with exceptional elongation. Superior TEA allows the material to conform to irregular shapes at high wrapping speeds without breaking. These paper have excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics. Typical applications include continuous transpose cable (CTC) wrap, liquid filled transformer winding insulation and cable wrap.

Xamax B Stage Kraft

Thermally upgraded crepe Kraft paper with B- Stage Epoxy on 1 or 2 sides. This product has an exceptionally uniform coating, which results in reduced scrap during processing and converting. B-Stage Epoxy coating strengthens the coil post curing which dramatically improves resistance to physical stress from a short circuit/vibration. This product is versatile as it can be used on single, twin, multi-conductors and continuously transposed cables.


Heat sealable papers coated on one or two sides that adhere to various substrates with the simultaneous application of heat and pressure. Typically coated with thermoplastic or water based coatings. Used in wire and cable applications to adhere serving to interior cable surfaces.

  • Coppercote EK/HS Paper