ESG: Environmental, Social & Governance


Woman Owned Business


Xamax is committed to being green and it goes beyond our logo color! Our beauty products are GOTS certified: 100% organic cotton, which is natural, renewable, sustainable, 100% hypo-allergenic, fully biodegradable and eco-friendly.  Our  technical paper is tough virgin kraft which is clean, high quality and cost effective.   Our tissue paper is 100% virgin pulp, high bulk tissue which offers economical, light weight paper that is high tensile strength and conformable. 


Xamax is a Woman Owned company with diverse leadership.  We appreciate diversity whether it reflects age, ethnic background, gender, skills or expertise. Our inclusive policies create a supportive environment where people work together to create inventive solutions.  Xamax has established Objectives, Key Results and KPIs with functional and individual metrics tied to company ones so everyone knows the keys to success.     


Xamax is a relatively small family owned company with governance of a large company.  Our leaders come from public companies and follow the policies and practices that they learned there.  Xamax is an audited company and follows  GAAP. All stakeholders are assured that our financial records are fair and accurate.  Xamax is registered ISO 9001:2015 which ensures that products and processes are statistically managed