Lens Wipes

Lens Tissue & Paper

Xamax’s lens tissues & papers are used to clean or polish optical components, to maximize performance of the system. The materials will remove any dirt or smudge on the lens without damaging or scratching it; they also effectively remove many oils from the surface. Fingerprints, a challenge in the lab and a problem on equipment, are readily removed. Sheets are available in a variety of quantities and sizes to maximize convenience and ease the maintenance of optical systems. They are designed for a single use and are sold in multi packs. These are non-abrasive, non-moistened tissues and papers are safe and effective. End uses include caring for cameras, telescopes, eyeglasses, sunglasses, laptops, GPS, tablets or cell phones.

ServMax uses ultra-thin high strength hemp, a technical paper


ServMax is a precision made hemp based ultra light weight, high strength paper that is often used in critical applications. This product provides super- thin, non-melting, extremely uniform fiber distribution. It is low in sulfur and chloride, highly conformable and pH neutral. A prominent benefit is the high machine direction tensile strength that it provides.
lens wipes