Medical & personal Care

Xamax provides product for medical and personal care, which meet required certifications. If there is something else you need that you don’t see here, please contact is to identify or create your solution


Xamax’s lens tissues and papers are used to clean or polish optical components, to maximize performance of the system.  End uses include cameras, telescopes, eyeglasses, laptops GPS, tablets and cell phones. This material will remove any dirt or smudge on the lens without damaging or scratching it; it also effectively removes many oils from the surface. Sheets are available in a variety of quantities and sizes to maximize convenience and ease the maintenance of optical systems. 

Lens tissue


Xamax has availability of SBPP (Spunbonded Polypropylene) for mask production; other non-wovens, cotton, PET and meltblown PP is also available.  Each material can be slit to width based on your needs. 

Facial Wipes

Xamax has been at the forefront in creating new material layers that resulted in inventive facial wipes – from cotton pillows to new exfoliating products. The core material layer is patented by Xamax although the end products are sold under major consumer labels at drug stores, retailers, spas and online.  Xamax can provide these material layers in pre-packaged rounds, folded square pads, pillows or sponges for your private label. 

Tissue Wipes
Dental Points

Dental Point Materials

Xamax offers master and slit paper rolls for conversion into dental Absorbent Paper Points.  This specialty paper is uniquely formulated for absorbency and is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.