Xamax offers a complete line of traditional and innovative products for Electrical Wire & Cable, Electrical & Transformer Insulation and Electrical Motor & Generator Insulation. For over 70 years, Xamax engineers have worked with customers to develop innovative and patent-protected products for electrical end uses, providing energy efficient and cost effective solutions.

what we offer:

  • Continuous Refinements / Improvements to Spooling & Slitting Technology
  • Application Support, Test Data, Specification Comparison
  • Full Audit Trail / Quality Focus / Material Traceability
  • Improve Wrapping / Payoff Technology; Driving Faster Line Speeds and Higher Quality

Benefits and Features:

  • Thermally Upgraded
  • Superior elongation properties allows for excellent conformability and low breakage
  • Allows improved cable flexibility and stripability
  • pH neutral and Sulfur/Chloride free won’t ruin the wiring
  • Excellent water and moisture barrier provides needed protection
  • High tensile strength


Technical Paper


Electrical grade Kraft papers for separation and insulation


Transformer Insulation

Complete line of turn insulation for liquid filled transformers and layer insulation for cast coil and dry type transformers


Motor & Generator Insulation

Pure glass and glass/polyester strand insulation for rotor, armature, field coils, stators and specialty coils